A selection of business case studies from Chargemaster

Beechcroft Developments:

A new residential development in Isleworth, required to install charge points under ‘the London plan’. However, rather than stick to the mandated 20%, they wanted to offer every apartment the benefit of its own charging solution.

A total of 16 double outlets are being installed covering 31 apartments (1 unit is blanked off for continuity).

Each charging point has a unique key, meaning every flat has its own dedicated charging socket. These all have a separate individually metered supply so that the landlord can charge each flat for what they have used.

The order was placed in May 2016 and 10 of the 16 units have now been installed, with the final 6 units to be installed in the next few months.

Chargemaster was chosen because we provided a bespoke turnkey solution that fully met all their charging requirements.

Shelly Motors Epsom:

A forward thinking dealership who have installed a public charging point in their car park, encouraging drivers to visit the dealership; or stop for a drink or a chat.

They have also installed a working Homecharge unit in the dealership to give live demonstrations of how easy it is to charge an EV at home. This reassures potential customers and helps to remove any concerns they may have.

On top of this, they have 3 Onecharge units in the workshop for charging their own vehicles.

The order was placed in June 2016 and the installation was fully completed the following month.

Chargemaster was chosen because of the strong relationship we have with the manufacturers.

Bicester Eco Village:

A new development in Bicester promoting the eco lifestyle. Their innovative relationship with ECar Club and BMW gives homeowners the opportunity to trial an EV when they buy a new home – and if they then decide to purchase an EV the developers (a2dominion) will install a homecharge unit for free at their home.

There are currently 6 charging units installed at the development, 5 of which are available on the POLAR network for anyone to use with the 6th post exclusively for E-Car Club members. This will increase as the development expands.

Chargemaster was chosen because we were able to cater for both E-Car Club and a2dominion with the same post but on different schemes. The posts being on the largest public network was also a huge draw.

Rolls Royce Aero Engines:

Following the growing demand from Rolls Royce employees at various facilities across the United Kingdom, Rolls Royce Aero Engines approached Chargemaster to advise them on the
best solution for their employees, for a private charging network.

This resulted in the supply and installation of charging points at a number of locations, including Derby and Bristol.

Employees can access the Rolls Royce Charging Network via an RFID contactless activation card; which also gives them the ability to use BP Chargemaster’s Polar charging network of over
7,000 publicly available charging points.

Official charging partner with the leading electric vehicle manufacturers