Chargemaster partnership provides Cenex LCV2017 charging points

Tue 27th June 2017
  • Official EV charging supplier and sponsor of Cenex LCV2017
  • Advanced Ultracharge units on site at visitor and exhibitor car parks
  • Free charging for EVs throughout Cenex event (6–7 September)

Chargemaster is proud to become the exclusive charge point sponsor of the 10th annual Low Carbon Vehicle Event, Cenex LCV2017, at Millbrook, 6–7 September. The assurance that the electric vehicles (EVs) on site for the event are appropriately powered, underlines Chargemaster’s position as the leader in EV charging.

As the largest manufacturer of charging points in the UK and operator of the nationwide POLAR charging network, Chargemaster has supported LCV events for over seven years. As the supplier and sponsor of the Cenex LCV2017, Chargemaster will be powering visitors’ parking at the end of the mile straight for the event, as well as supporting the exhibitors with a dedicated EV-charging zone next to the steering pad.Using its state-of-the-art Ultracharge units on site, Chargemaster will provide rapid charging to all three standards. Both visitors and exhibitors will be able to take advantage of these charging points for free throughout LCV2017, and Chargemaster staff will be on hand throughout the event to assist users.

The Chargemaster Ultracharge unit is the most advanced of its type and the only rapid charger manufactured in the UK. Standing 1.45 metres tall, it’s more compact than imported units, features an easy-to-use, 10-inch touchscreen, and benefits from many advanced options, including contactless card payments and RFID card functionality.

Chargemaster has recently been nominated to the TfL framework to install multiple Ultracharge units in London, supporting the next generation of electric London taxis, which will be mandatory from 1 January 2018. It is expected that several hundred rapid chargers will be installed over the next nine months.

Robert Evans, Chief Executive of Cenex, which organises the LCV events, said, “We are delighted to partner with Chargemaster to enable a significant facility of rapid charging for both visitors to LCV2017 and exhibitors. Chargemaster has provided top-class support at previous events, as one of the first to understand the potential of the LCV event as a national showcase.”

David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster, said, “We are delighted to support Cenex again at LCV2017. This is the most prestigious electric vehicle event in the UK, and we look forward to helping the automotive industry stay charged at the event.”

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