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May 15th, 2020

COVID-19 update from BP Chargemaster

Throughout the on-going COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we have been working to ensure our customers can still charge their vehicles, while prioritising the safety and welfare of our team and our customers.

Following the Government’s announcement last week and the update of lockdown guidelines, we are pleased to say that our team will be re-commencing Homecharge installations from the 18th May.

Customers who previously booked their installation or survey, that were postponed due to the pandemic, will be prioritised for rescheduling and will be contacted shortly by our Homecharge team.

Our advisors and our Homecharge electricians will be carrying out a dynamic risk assessment using the latest government and bp guidelines to ensure a safe installation of the unit. This process and introduction of additional safety measures, such as social distancing and PPE aims to limit the contact between our team and customers, whilst allowing us to complete installations safely and securely.


In practice, it means that:

  • We are conducting risk assessments to identify the risk level of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Any installs that fall into the “Low Risk” category will be eligible to continue.
  • Installs that fall into the “High Risk” category will be paused until we can reclassify them as Low Risk.
  • On the day of install we will still carry out an additional risk assessment. If the assessment results in you falling into the High Risk category we won’t be able to go ahead with your install.


The Office for Low Emission Vehicles has confirmed that Homecharge applications made before 12th March 2020 and set to be installed before the 31st March 2020 will still receive the £500 EVHS grant.

Our customer care team have continued to be available 24/7, whilst our electricians and engineers have been servicing our public network chargers, to make sure they are in great working condition for key workers and ready for when we are able to travel more..

We recommend that customers continue to follow Government guidelines when it comes to washing your hands regularly and using hand sanitiser gels, specifically before and after using any public charging point. We also recommend the use of gloves when touching screens, charging cables etc., which should then be disposed of immediately afterwards.

As always, we will continue to communicate with drivers both on our website and via social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, if you need to contact our customer care team directly, you can call us on 0330 016 5126 or email


We are doing all that we can to best balance the needs of our team, our business partners and for our customers during these unprecedented times and are grateful for your continued support.



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