Electric charging continues to grow across Bedford

Bedford Borough Council continues its expansion of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Bedford and Kempston, with 18 units already installed.

The Council’s partnership with BP Chargemaster was announced in June last year, alongside their commitment to introduce a significant number of EV charge points to the area. Both 7kW Fastcharge units and 50kW Ultracharge units have since been installed across 10 sites as part of the project. Additional installations are set to begin in the coming weeks.


The area is set to have 40 charge points installed by the end of 2019, with 18 already up and running for electric vehicle and plug in hybrid drivers, including 3 Ultracharge units, offering up to 50kW charging with CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 connectors available.


All existing units are available through the Polar network, the UK’s largest public charging network, and can be accessed with a Polar Plus membership or through the Polar Instant pay as you go app.


All upcoming sites will also be added to the Polar network and will be available via a Polar Plus membership and Polar Instant pay as you go.




Official charging partner with the leading electric vehicle manufacturers