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March 31st, 2020

Polar Plus subscription fees waived in April and May 2020

As part of our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and following our decision to provide free charging for emergency services fleet vehicles, BP Chargemaster is waiving all Polar Plus subscription fees for individual members in April and May 2020.

Given the government’s advice to avoid all non-essential travel for at least the next few weeks, we appreciate that most electric vehicle drivers will be using their vehicles much less, and some may not be using them at all. In these unprecedented times, we feel that the right thing to do is to suspend our individual subscription fees for the next two months.

Our public charging network and our 24/7 customer care team continue to operate for those who absolutely need to undertake essential journeys. This will help to ensure that both the roads and our public charging network are as accessible as possible for the people that will need them the most, for further information please follow the advice for users on our website .




Will my Polar RFID card still work on public charge points?
Yes, your RFID card will remain active and can be used on all Polar public charging units on the Polar network, only your subscription fee will be affected. Please visit the Polar network live map to see all available units.


I have already cancelled my Polar Plus account; can I reopen and get the free subscription?
Yes, just login to your Polar Plus account via the Polar network website or Polar Plus app and re-enter your billing information (please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for your new direct debit to be confirmed), then please contact our customer services team on 0330 016 5126 or by emailing to reactivate your account and RFID card. Please be aware that it can take up to 48 hours for this to be processed and confirmed.


How do I redeem the free subscription?

You do not need to redeem or make any changes to your account to receive the free subscription; your invoices for April and May 2020 will automatically be adjusted to show your subscription fee as zero.


I am a ChargeNow customer, does the free subscription apply to me too?
Yes, as a ChargeNow member you will also receive free subscription for April and May 2020.


How long will I receive the free subscription for?

We will be waiving the subscription fees for Polar Plus and ChargeNow members throughout April and May 2020.


Will the free subscription be extended?

Currently, we are offering the free subscription for April and May 2020 only, however, should Government guidelines change, extension of the offer will be reviewed and all members will be notified of any changes.


I am currently in a free period; can I defer this offer of free subscription?
The free subscription cannot be deferred and is currently only waived for those subscription paying members in April and May 2020; for those members currently in a ‘subscription-free’ period in connection with a separate offer, they will not benefit from this subscription free period in addition to their existing offer.


Does this also cover charging costs?

No, only the subscription fee will be waived for each Polar Plus member in April and May 2020. Any charging costs from chargeable units, overstay fees or replacement card costs will still appear on monthly invoices.


I am a Polar Corporate account holder; does the free subscription apply to me too? 
No, the free subscription offer for April and May 2020 only applies to individual members; however, BP Chargemaster is offering free charging and subscription for all Emergency Services fleet vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be redeemed through the Polar Corporate scheme. For more information and how to redeem, please visit here.


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