Q-Park and Chargemaster extend partnership with rollout of London Rapid Chargers

Mon 7th November 2016
The operator of the UK’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, Chargemaster, is working with Q-Park, the UK’s premier car parking operator, to introduce a number of Ultracharger rapid charging points in its busiest car parks across London.

The first Ultracharger is now available at Q-Park Soho in the heart of the West End, with new units being commissioned later this month at Q-Park’s Chinatown and Park Lane locations. The new rapid chargers will become part of Chargemaster’s POLAR network, which is the largest network of charging points across the UK, with members having access to more than 5,500 chargers.Chargemaster already operates more than 100 charging points at Q-Park locations across London, with many more set to be installed to meet growing demand. The number of electric vehicles on UK roads has now surpassed 80,000 and this is expected to quadruple over the next five years. Exciting new models are expected from manufacturers including Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes and Volkswagen to add to the models already available from Mitsubishi, BMW, Nissan, Renault and Tesla.The Ultracharger can charge most electric cars up to 80% capacity in just 20 minutes. The charger has been designed and built in the UK. It has a 12-inch touch screen user interface and many other advanced features. Chargemaster is rolling out around 200 Ultrachargers across the UK over the next 12 months. Visitors to Q-Park can use an Ultracharger for just 9p per kW, which equates to approximately £2.50 for a full charge in a Nissan Leaf or BMW i3.Head of Sales and Marketing from Q-Park, John Denton from Q-Park commented: “We are excited about providing this additional service to our customers in London in partnership with Chargemaster. We have a growing number of electric vehicle customers and this is an important part of the Q-Park total service proposition.”David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster, said: “This is a major step forward for electric vehicle owners in London. Until now there have been very few rapid chargers in the capital, with those available costing around £6 to charge a typical EV. We are delighted to work with Q-Park to provide these facilities and help the move towards a low emission London with improved air quality.”Media contacts
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